Yvette Madden

Leybourne, Kent

Qualifications AGSM

Teaches Cello

Locale Leybourne, Maidstone, Rochester, Chatham

Yvette is a private teacher and also Lead Professional for strings at Surrey Arts.

Cellobabies and Yvette

My particular interest has always been developing the early years in regard to string playing and the approach we take in introducing any stringed instrument at such an early age. Having the right foundations is vital and has such an impact on future work as a player. Having known Kay Tucker for too many years I was aware she felt the same way. Kay was working on her Stringbabies programme and I was given the opportunity to trial it out within my Surrey Arts teaching. The holistic approach of Stringbabies to the cello provided solid foundations and understanding in both rhythm and pitch combined with the solid technique produced some wonderful results with my key stage one pupils. Surrey Arts was the first music service to recognize this and we now have a thriving Stringbabies programme and team providing this innovative and exciting teaching.

Musical experience

I started on my cello journey when I was 7 years old and was hooked from day one .As a child I was the one who had “needs to concentrate more” on my reports and it was decided to channel my energy’s into a musical instrument. The cello teacher came in and did a demonstration and I was dispatched to the cello room not even knowing what I was about to play or what a cello was!

From an early age I was fortunate to have some inspirational teachers and studied under Leonard Stein and Stefan Popov at the Guildhall School of Music from age 14years and went on to graduate with a performers degree in 1988.

During my time at Guildhall I was able to take part in a teaching programme shadowing string teachers that were both innovative and ground breaking in their approach.  Teaching the cello became a passion and direction that I wanted to explore especially in the very young. Working within the tower hamlet scheme under Deborah Albermann and Sheila Nelson I was able to observe and explore new methods in challenging environments which were rewarding to all. Working as music coordinator in the Time and Talents Centre in Bermondsey offering a string programme to inner city schools provided a platform and essential experience for me to explore these new approaches in my teaching with real success.

During this time of teaching and playing in a professional capacity I joined Surrey Arts as a full time teacher of cello in 1991. In this role I was able to really develop and establish my first love of teaching the cello to a wider audience. Teaching the cello in groups and individually as well as directing ensembles has enabled me to develop the lower strings and introduce new projects.

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