Parents reviews

You know I feel that I can’t speak too highly of Cellobabies, it has given Thalia not just a good understanding of the basic principles but also a real enjoyment of music which spills over into her play all the time. She writes songs and tries to teach her baby brother and sister about George, Charlie, Dan and Alice and picks out notes when she is listening to music! Having learnt music in a very different environment myself, I really notice the difference in terms of her confidence and enthusiasm for music. I would whole heartedly recommend this to anyone with small children.

I’m so grateful to you for the lovely introduction you have given Thalia to cello and music in general and we will try very hard to keep up the good work.

Richenda Tisdale-Farrelly

Lucy has been playing the cello for 2 years. She started when she was only 4 years old. She quickly learnt to identify the 4 strings using Kay’s cello babies method and later progressed to read 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger notes as well as the different ryhthms and music symbols.

She sat her first ever music exam (Trinity Guildhall Initial Exam) in June. She is only 6 years old and managed to receive a high distinction.

She is progressing at a remarkable rate and enjoys to play in front of others. Her success is largely due to Kay’s patience and excellent teaching. I am sure that her bow grip and general position have been helped by learning at such a young age.

We have been delighted with the progress Lucy has made under Kay’s professional, cheerful and dynamic tutorship and are convinced that starting at such a young age will enable Lucy to develop into a proficient cellist sooner than if we had delayed her start to a later age.

Dilys Price

I think that it is amazing that my 3 year old can’t read words but she can read music.

Olivia has always wanted to play the cello, to be like her big sister, Cellobabies enabled her to start at the age of two. The lessons are great fun and she really enjoys them.

Sharon Hampshire