Partnership and schools

Music Partnership

Many music services, schools as well as teachers are looking for a well structured approach to teaching stringed instruments to young children, especially in view of the National Plan for Music Education. They want a holistic package that leads to:

  • Proficient playing
  • Sight-reading and note literacy
  • Singing, rhythmic and aural skills
  • Composition skills
  • Ensemble skills
  • Musical/technical development on stringed instruments
  • Leaves the children eager to learn more

Developed for teaching children in groups and one to one, we have found that the Stringbabies method works extremely well in schools as well as private practice. Obviously there will be differences in style when teaching children in these different environments but the essence is the same and the results are just as excellent.

Stringbabies has been used with success in large and small groups and even for mixed classes of different stringed instruments!

The benefits of Stringbabies are being experienced by Surrey Arts and Music Cornwall. Music teachers have been trained, in-house, in Stringbabies, and have been using the system in their schools to great effect for several years.


Stringbabies offers clear benefits to teachers and the children alike:

  • Use of proven structured methodology, with training and materials for teachers and for parents
  • Enjoyable for teachers and pupils
  • Children learn to play, sing, compose and sight-read conventional music notation without fuss
  • Children have a great foundation for moving on musically
  • Helpful for some special needs children

What we offer

We are pleased to offer a Stringbabies partnership scheme that is appropriate for music services and for music departments.  The scheme is run on a per teacher basis.  You decide how many staff will require training.  We offer:

  • On-site training days – at a venue of your choice
  • Books at significant discount
  • Use of the Stringbabies trademarks in your literature/websites for agreed schools

“The children learn so much during Stringbabies’ lessons, both musically and personally. Stringbabies offers potential life changing opportunities for children providing developmental skills at such a young age, through fun and enjoyable activities that encourage children’s personal and social skills, fine motor skills and musical development. I really enjoyed watching the session – it made me feel both humble but also inspired to learn and play an instrument. Keep up this inspirational programme”.

Yvonne Rees: Surrey County Council Strategic Director for Customers and Communities:

How to implement a Stringbabies program

Stringbabies can be examined and then introduced gradually, as you become convinced of its value.  Here is how it can be undertaken by a music service:

  • Start with an introduction day to see if Stringbabies suits your teachers – you can discuss how it works and how to implement Stringbabies in the school(s).
  • If you decide to go ahead, we have a suitable legal agreement ready for use. 
  • Implement a pilot study at a single school.
  • Implement at multiple schools (If appropriate).

How to proceed

All the information about partnerships is available as in PDF format.  Please contact Stringbabies to be sent a copy or to discuss any aspect of Stringbabies and partnerships.