Linda Horne

Basingstoke, Hampshire

Qualifications B Ed (Hons)

Teaches Violin

Locale Overton, Basingstoke, Andover, Whitchurch, Newbury, Winchester

Linda is a violin teacher of many years experience.  Based in the Basingstoke area, she also runs her own music business – providing classes for babies, children and adults.  Classes include violin, piano, guitar, recorder, ukelele and drums.

Violinbabies and Linda

Violinbabies has been really well thought out.  As a teacher of young children from birth, I am very aware that children are capable of much more than many adults give them credit for.  Violinbabies progresses in a very logical way that young children can understand and at the same time achieve high standards on their instrument.  Nothing is left uncovered in this system for young children!

My thoughts on teaching music

“I believe that music fulfils a vital role in education since it is concerned with so many aspects of a child’s personality.  That is, physical, emotional, perceptual, intellectual and aesthetic.  Music offers enjoyment, and recreational activity, intellectual and emotional satisfaction, training in perception and physical co-ordination, opportunities for individual and group activity, and scope for creative expression.  It is of paramount importance to me that music is fun!”

Musical experience

I started learning the violin at school when I was 7 years old.  Like many children, I was not too keen on practicing and it was not until I was 16 years old that I started to take my playing more seriously!  I was taught by Jean Hodgkiss at the Weyhill Lodge School of Music.  On attaining my Grade 8 I was encouraged to take my studies further and decided I would like to become a music teacher in schools.  My studies took me to King Alfred’s College in Winchester where I attained my Bachelor of Education with Honours, taking music as my special subject.  The music course I followed included methodology, harmony, composition, history of musical forms and styles, aural practice, keyboard skills (harmonisation, improvisation, and accompaniment), the teacher’s skills (basic techniques of voice, recorder, guitar and classroom instruments), and ensemble work.  I studied both the violin and piano as my main instruments.

After being the Director of Music in three private schools, I decided to branch out on my own and now run my own music business

Linda on the internet

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