Karen Hainsworth

Karen is a flute and recorder teacher (primary school teacher and a private tutor) in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

I am a confident and experienced flautist, as well as having experience of teaching recorder and choir groups in primary school settings. I currently work as a primary teacher, covering classes from reception-year 3. Coming from this teaching background I was so delighted to discover Musicbabies, a programme offering younger children an opportunity to learn every element of music theory and in turn developing into confident musicians!

Whilst learning the flute as a school girl I quickly flew through my Grade exams, finding myself very quickly at a high technical level but without the same level of music theory behind me. Although I did catch up, it was much harder then and I wish I had been offered this opportunity in my formative years.

I haven’t come any programmes like this before – a way to teach the fundamentals of music theory in a fun, proactive environment which children cannot help but love. The recorder is introduced as the instrument to deliver this unique programme, and it is a brilliant precursor to learning woodwind instruments. I look forward to guiding children on a journey of acquiring superb knowledge in music theory as well as becoming fabulous recorder players, flautists and well-rounded musicians. 

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